Question about DJing in clubs..
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    Default Question about DJing in clubs..

    So I've been a college DJ for while, usually gigging with my laptop, mixer and x1. I recently purchased a kontrol s4, should be arriving today! I'm excited to start DJing on the S4 but I have question about the clubs. I really have no problem bringing the S4 to clubs but it certainly seems a lot more convenient to use their CDJ-2000s. Most of the clubs I frequent already have them set-up. My question: Since there's no way in hell I can afford my own 2000's, how does one go about learning how to DJ on them? I mean, I can see how some of the skills I will learn on the s4 can translate to the pioneers, but I would never feel comfortable just showing up to a gig with no experience on them.

    Again, I'm not saying I won't use the S4 for gigging, but it would be more convenient to show up with a memory stick and use the 2000's-- if I knew how to use them!

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    Reading this post i can only assume you have never beatmatched on physical decks i.e TTs or CDJ's

    CDJ2k's are super easy though, Run your tracks through rekordbox and copy onto a USB stick, If the CDJs are linked you'll only need one stick (someone correct me if im wrong)

    Match the near exact BPM's, cue on headphones, tracks shouldnt be too far out, fix using pitch slider, turn jog wheel forward/back to phase match and thats you.
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    how friendly are you with the people who run the club? most of the time people will be in the club during the day cleaners etc and taking deliveries, ask if you can go in and have a 'play'

    I don't really have that much experience on cdj's either but to be fair I drink that much rum when playing I'm sure I'd be awesome!
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    And you have visual feedback on your CDJ2ks, so you should feel more familiar with your tracks if you're used to that. How do the sets at those clubs usually look like? Do you have really long sets? I usually have sets from like, 21 - 02 and between 21 and 23 there's really not that much going on, people just want some music and the party starts at around 23. Then I usually practice a while with CDJs the first hour or so if I'm in the mood, getting the feel of it etc. and then when it's showtime switch over to my laptop and the setup that I'm most comfortable with...

    I guess you could also try beatmatching "manually" with your S4, ie. not using beatgrids and sync button...

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