Tonium Pacemaker Help?
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    Default Tonium Pacemaker Help?

    I have a Tonium Pacemaker Dj system, and I bought it off a friend awhile ago. The software it came with is outdated, and when I plug it in, the device does not register on the software. And when I go to download the updated software, the download does not work, like there is no download. If anyone has had this problem, any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don't think anyone really ever bought one of those. if they were as good as they said they were it'd have been awesome but i feel they failed and people left them as "toys" mostly. might be cool in japan on the top of a mountain though
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    Mac or PC? If Mac, I may be able to zip up the application and send it your way. If PC, I won't be much help.

    I had an old thread going on... but it looks like the alternate forum that they reference has been emptied out.

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