I keep resorting to crowd favorites...
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    Default I keep resorting to crowd favorites...

    I dj mainly pop clubs where I play all genres.. Lately ive noticed that while I do play the big songs of today, my knock out punch is always an older song that people havent heard in a while or a song thats always been a standard hit... and im so bored because of it. It makes the crowds go wild but when I go visit my friends who dj - they play probably 95% all current music and remixes of current songs - the crowd is dancing but i dont hear the "roar" when a famous 2-3 year old songs comes on... Should I change my ways - i mean I like busting out the songs that people havent heard in a while BUT if thats what my secret weapons are then its a little too safe... Any suggestions? How do you guys play?

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    your problem is where your playing by the looks of it. If it pays the bills then you can't complain if you have regulars at the venues see if you can bring them around by regularly playing that track you'd like them to like perhaps. but at the same time try and find further gigs outside the venues you currently play at. If it's just for fun and it's not fun, give it up for a bit. it's upto you at the end of the day. If you really want it though push yourself and promote. make cd's of the stuff you want to play. Then find the crowd that listens to similar stuff and find out who runs the night or venue i guess. also try online radio
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    If you mix all genres, throw them a curveball once in a while to spice things up? If you're already mixing genres throw in some older great dancable music? This is one of my go to songs for going to some other more oddball swingy music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ka-rGmXr7A . Have the bassline/piano in a sample loop and you can make a really sweet transition in breaks from most EDM to this type'o stuff. Since I usually have sets for hours this is a welcome break for both me and the crowd, I think... :P

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    Much like you I play in an open format club. Although I probably play more House and a lot of Electo mixes of top40 hits.

    I always play "oldies". People do go wild for em. Here's my few Baby got back, Humpty Dance, Sexy Back, any Michael Jackson song, any old 80's/90's Madonna song. Even done that whole Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up and rick-roll the club.

    I try to go about 10 current club bangers and then hit em with 1-3 old bangers. I also like using old bangers right after I introduce a new tune, cause that tends to thin out the dance floor. The old tunes brings them back again.
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