My parents have an old direct drive turntable
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    Default My parents have an old direct drive turntable

    The model is kenwood kd 3070 anyone know about the feasability of using this free turntable to practice mixing on vinyl? It needs a new cartridge and needle, would I be better off buying a cheap set of beginner tables than to buy the replacement parts to make this one work? Seems like I can find a set for around 180-200 on craigslist (Numark TT2).

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    Its a good turntable but not so much for Djing...but hey I started in 87 with some relistic (radio shack branded dd tts and they did the job) sell it on ebay the 1977 model sellls good as high as a few hundred beans then you could get a vestax and some software.|294%3A50

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