mapping my keyboard problems
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    Default mapping my keyboard problems

    hey everyone.. im using traktor pro i no longer have a controller and just started mapping the keys on my mac ... i saved my default keys just in case anything goes wrong while mapping... after i tried mapping specific keys and ran out of time i put the default settings back, but now for some reason whenever i go to my preferences and lets say i close it with out touching anything the.. keys will not work anymore. i would have to start traktor all over, then the keys work perfectly fine.. has anyone experienced this problem before or know what is goin on .. thanks

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    I have this problem sometimes too. No idea what the glitch is. However, I do know that if you're in the process of mapping, or you even have the preference window open, keyboard mappings won't work. So if you're working on something in the preference window, make sure you click outside of it, into the main GUI before using the Keyboard. As far as not working in a normal operation situation, I'm just as interested to hear of a solution.
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