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    Hi guys and girls

    I want to use decks 3-4 in traktor pro 2 to run short loops trough.

    SOme examples are using loops from sample packs that are 2 bars long.

    Now how do i go about beatgriding these samples? Also some of these dont start on the downbeat. So what the best way?


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    Most of them have the BPM on the filename or folder name. Regarding position, playing it along the metronome or a simple beat does the trick normally

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    Thanks for the quick reply,

    The next issue im having is that i get the message saying the transients are missing and cant detect the bpm.

    I have also tried importing the loops from the sample packs as looped files from the traktor menu but that has not worked either.

    Do you think making the loops longer might help? e.g putting them in ableton and making them 8 bars?

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