just a quick note (not wishing to inspire any great debate) but just wanted you to share in the complete joy I've experienced of my first big gig using Traktor Pro at the weekend - it behaved itself impeccably :-)

no pops, crackles, halts, stutters - and using my 1st gen MPB on 10.4 with 1gig of RAM. Xone 4D as the external controller (which to be honest was used more as a mixer than controller - was difficult to see my mac screen from where it was positioned and I need more time to memorise the mapping (!) so I was the using the GUI for much of the work). Updated TP to recently.

this post isn't intended to distract from any other problems people might be having in any way. It was a massive leap of faith for me (had my ipod on stand by in case the whole thing went belly up!) but am so glad I did.

loving this digital DJing....most fun I've had since getting my first pair of 1210s back in the day!

finest regards to you all :-)