Whats a good controller?
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    Default Whats a good controller?

    Whats the best/good controller on the market atm guys? Been looking at the ns6?

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    Hey dude welcome to the forum. You're going to have to be a lot more specific for someone to help you out! Also, there are tons of threads on choosing which controller to get. Before anyone else tells you to search around, give us the following info:

    Which program are you looking for, Traktor or Itch? How many decks would you like, 2 or 4? Do you need something portable? Do you need a standalone mixer too? Do you need scratch functionality? What kind of music do you spin? What's your budget like? Are you just starting out or a seasoned pro?

    Google all the reviews on the internet man! s4, s2, mc6000, mc3000, ns6, dx, vci-300, vci-100...the list goes on. They all have their ups and downs and each person likes their controller for their own needs.

    Give us more about what you're looking for and then people on this forum with first hand experience will lead you in the right direction! good luck!

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