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    Default Getting into turnable

    I've been djing for now 6 months with numark mixtrack pro but know I would like to have turnables so I thought about buying :
    - 2x Stanton T-62
    - Stanton SMX 202
    - Novation dicer
    So my question are:
    Do you think this a good set to start scratching ?
    Do I need a sound card ?
    If you have another idea of beginners setup my budget is 600 euros

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    you'll need a NI soundcard to use traktor scratch pro or a rane (i think) to use serato. so if u want to go the turntable/dvs route that's the first thing to consider before looking into what turntables/mixer really. plus u could still mix internally via your mixtrack even when scratching to start with.

    unless u mean to just use real vinyl ofc - which isn't a bad idea either *if* u can find the tunes u want on vinyl ofc.
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    Find some used pair of Technics SL1200. If not, go for a higher model of Stantons such as the T120, ST/STR-100/150 or Numark TT500 and higher.
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    Will positively need to pick Serato or Traktor if you plan on using those dicers. I second the used technics or higher quality turntable notion. Cheap turntables are far less conducive to proper mixing than a cheap controller.

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