Pioneer's DDJ-T1 or Ergo?
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    Default Pioneer's DDJ-T1 or Ergo?

    What are everyone's thoughts on the DDJ-T1 versus the new DDJ-Ergo? I've had my eye on the DDJ-T1 for a while, but do like the portability of the new controller by Pioneer. I've also noticed a nice price drop on the T1 unit, making it difficult to access if the unit is not popular or has not been well received by the DJ community.

    I spin Electro/House/Progressive tracks with two channels and sometimes do use the additional third and fourth channels for some loops and acappellas - which was the reason I liked the T1. I was thinking of getting rid of my analog set up and use one of these controllers instead as I found I mostly use Traktor along with my [2] X1's and the analog mixer and would like a unit that I can carry around with me, plug it in my bedroom, office, etc, and make and record some mixes.

    My current set up is as follows:

    [1] x Pioneer DJM-700 Mixer
    [2] x Technics SL-1210MK2 turntables
    [1] x MacBook Pro 2.26GHz/2GB Memory
    [1] x Traktor 2 Pro DJ Software
    [1] x Audio 8 DJ Sound Interface
    [2] x Kontrol X1 Midi Controller
    [2] x Samson StudioDock Monitors

    Thanks in advance,

    DJ LV

    ps Have people had any trouble checking-in the T1 at airports.

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    Have you also considered the S2 or S4? I'd also suggest to look into Numark's Mixtrack Pro or N4. Don't sacrifice size over features and other possible options.
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    DDJ-T1 is better than the ERGO (faders, buttons, encoders, pitch faders)

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