Question about external DJing
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    Default Question about external DJing

    Good afternoon DJTT community,

    basically I've got a small question for you guys which I can't answer myself and I can't really find a quick answer to on the net.

    Basically I have been DJ'ing Midi for quite a while, as in Traktor USB and MAC, but I kind of want to get rid of DJing softwares such as Traktor, etc..

    So my question is, could I just buy two CDJ 1000's hook them up to my Behringer DDM 4000, set of speakers connected to the back and start DJ'ing? or do I need sound cards? softwares? anything like that or can I theoretically DJ with a mixer, turntable, speakers?


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    Just hook up your cdjs to your mixer and you're all ready to go! No need for anything else besides cds and speakers.

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