Samples in Traktor 2, and HI
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    Default Samples in Traktor 2, and HI

    Hey everyone,

    I've got a question about samples in traktor pro 2... I've also been on this site for a while now, but haven't posted anything so I'll introduce myself as well. same format as the thread:

    1. emcee ginley
    2. Chicago, IL
    3. House/Progressive/Hip-Hop/Dubstep

    My question is about saving samples in Traktor pro2- ever since I upgraded to 2 I can't save any samples I put into the sample decks. If I grabbed a one shot from a song in the previous version, it would just automatically save a 'sample' playlist.

    Anyone else seen this/have any ideas? That was the sweetest feature.

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    There's an option in preferences to automatically save the samples or not.
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