Questions concerning my Ableton Set... etc
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    Default Questions concerning my Ableton Set... etc

    For months I have been trying to configure and Ableton set (or file) as kind of a template set up that I can use for a major live mash up. I use an older Novation ReMOTE 25 plus a Novation Nocturn. Sure I can page up and page down with my remotes and set a ton of parameters for various effects, vol, etc. But I always find in the heat of the mash down, that gets frustrating and I'll screw shit up. This first post may seem long or boring but I was hoping to generate discussion on building Live Sets, as well as get some questions answered. QUESTIONS at the bottom.

    By particle808 at 2009-03-19

    By particle808 at 2009-03-19

    So I posted some pics of my Ableton Set, plus my controllers. Now I want to give the breakdown on how its configured.

    Track 1 - Ableton's Drum Rack (I quit using Battery)
    On Drum Rack
    send a = Compression (all drum samples are sent)
    send b = Saturator + Auto Filter (kicks are sent) 4 Macros mapped
    send c = Resonator (kicks, snares, or sounds sent via controller) 4 macros mapped
    send e = reverb (kicks, snares, sounds sent via controller)
    Post Drum Rack = BP Filter

    All Macros are controlled by the "User" on the Nocturn

    Track 2 - Reaktor Vectory
    Morph Slider, Morph Bank B, Sequence Bank, and Sample Position are controlled by knobs or faders on the ReMOTE 25.
    Sequence Select is Controlled by the XY pad on the ReMOTE 25

    Track 3 - Ableton's Operator (my 808/SUB Rig)
    post operator I am using a Saturator, Redux, Erosion to a Compressor.
    5 Macros are mapped giving me a dry sub sound or grindy fx. Controlled with the "FX" on the Nocturn

    Track 4 - What ever Audio Clips I use
    Track 5 - What ever Audio Clips I use

    Track 6 - Synth Control.
    Armed with and Arpeggiator, Scale and Note Length. Controlled with the "Inst" Nocturn. This channel receives my ReMOTE keyboard notes and sends them to all my synth plug ins on 7,8,9,10, 11.

    Track 7 - Ableton's Sampler (I kind of use it like a synth)
    I use one knob to scroll through sounds

    Track 8 - A Reaktor Synth
    Track 9 - A Reaktor Synth
    Track 10 - A Reaktor Synth
    For Each Synth a ReMOTE 25 Fader slides Monitor Switch from In - Auto - Off. At Off the Reaktor Synth gets turned off as well saving CPU when not using. This feature lets me either play the synth, let a midi clip play it, or turn it off.

    Track 11 - Mic Input
    Track 12 - Vocoder (Activated via Fader like the Synths)

    Track 13 - A Midi input channel to go to a Reaktor FX called "C_Lists Key Masher"

    SEND A - Ableton's Simple Delay (set to sync)
    SEND B - Ableton's Simple Delay (a knobs controls the super fast rate)
    SEND C - Reaktor Space Verb
    SEND D - Reaktor FX "C_Lists Key Masher" plus Ableton's beat repeat.
    SEND E - All Synths are sent here for Compression. I can also cut the sound with the Arm button. Basically I chop the synth sounds like a freestyle Gate.

    MASTER - A Small on CPU Mastering Limiter from the Reaktor User Library.

    Various Knobs and Faders on the ReMOTE 25 control volumes. Many buttons on the ReMOTE 25 make certain tracks go to the sends, usually for a dubby style reverb or delay. Drums are mashed via KeyMasher and Beat Repeat, plus the Vectory has mainly Drum Loops loaded.

    1st QUESTION
    What is your ideal latency setting for Ableton.

    2nd QUESTION
    What are your ideas or suggestions about setting up Ableton. How do you do it?

    I am working on a video that will definitely work better as a description. Stay TUNED THANKS!!!
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    I tried editing the pictures making them smaller so people could read this thing. I hope it worked. Sorry if it looked all jacked up at first

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    Looks pretty complex for live use, but you can't really tell until you use it, but it seems a bit all over the place. My ableton setup used to be epic but the more I used it the more I refined it and streamlined it to have less stuff and keep everything basic as to decrease the ability to fuck things up live. Mine is largely DJ based rather then live stuff, tho it is setup to be able to throw in a few synths etc its somewhat different to yours. I think mainly focus on the things you find you use all the time and refine those rather then just including lots of little bits and pieces cos they are 'cool' is key.

    I think a good way to look into things ableton is either moldovers setup or Tom Cosm ( I think Tom Cosm is probably closer to wyat your after.

    He provides all his ableton setups for download with some extra special ones for those who sign up as premium users. Also lots of tutorials about how all his stuff works. In terms of a properly 'live' setup rather then using ableton live to DJ with I think his is probably the best out there.

    I'm looking to move more into that direction but I've got some much to do just in the DJing realm of Ableton that I think I might make this a slow progression and add in bits as time goes to make it more and more 'live'.


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    I am always trimming it Down. May be hard to believe this is trimmed but yes.


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    1) well for your first question there is no "ideal latency" you just wanna get it as low as you possibly can without crackling.

    Sometimes less is more - take some inspiration from moldover whos setup is super simple ! yet extemely powerful. Anyone can throw in lots of channels and effects with all sorts of weird and wonderful routings but it if its super intuative your going to get lost in your setup.

    Try cutting down the ammount of send channels your using, limiting yourself to a single synth and just generally getting rid of some of your channels unless you really need them.

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