first time recording/practicing mixing
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    Default first time recording/practicing mixing

    hey here is my soundcloud, with my two recent mixes on it, and a bunch of productions.

    if you guys can give me any kind of feedback. feel free to be as harsh as needed, to help me get better. all mixing including my electribe mix, were done on the fly:eek:

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    I listened to your two mixes. You are proficient in beat matching tracks, now its time to be more ambitious.

    sorry if this is a bit heavy

    I mean they are both pretty boring. The fact that they are titled by genre is evidence of a weakness for you to overcome. I recommend that you think about two things
    1. How do you distinguish yourself from any other dj, what is the unique blend of sounds that you will offer that no one has heard before.
    2. Think about the fundamental concept of building and releasing tension. I think the bpm in both your mixes are pretty constant. But think about what kind of ride you want to take your listeners on, just as long as its not one that doesn't go anywhere.

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