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    My setup so far. I have a Numark TTX on it's way and plan on getting another before the end of the year. The only other thing I'd like to upgrade is my software. I'm using VDJ 7 Pro, I would love to upgrade to TSP2 but I'm gonna wait for the new version of VDJ since they merged with DJDecks. Anyway here's what I'm working with.

    -Behringer NOX202
    -2x Numark NDX400
    -Korg NanoPad
    -Hercules MP3e2 (not used atm)
    -American Audio Versaport 4x4 soundcard
    -VDJ 7 Pro
    -Sony MDR-V700 Headphones

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    how do you like the NOX? Iīm thinking about picking up the 303 to get another channel for sample slots but canīt find any reviews online...
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    I love it! Mainly cause it's the first mixer I've owned with a decent crossfader in it. Which was the main selling point for me. The effects work well, nice sturdy construction, USB sound card for recording or playing audio from your computer i.e. playing loopers off your computer to scratch to.

    I'll try and get a video review up on youtube in the next couple days. I've been wanting to do one cause there are VERY few user reviews on the entire NOX series.

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    Turntable finally came!!

    Numark TTX1 found it for $180 on Ebay only thing wrong is it's missing the target light. Hope to get another soon. I'm also thinking of getting Traktor Scratch Duo. Best Buy near me has it for $179.99 for an audio 4, 2 timecode CD's, 2 timecode Vinyls, and software. I can't pass it up for the price. I've searched and an audio 4 alone costs more than that.

    Oh and new headphones Pioneer Steel Wheels

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