S4 x Denon DN-MC6000?
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    Default S4 x Denon DN-MC6000?

    for traktor.


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    Its depend by if u need hardware mixer and booth output, or not. And if u mean to work with standart mapping, or make your own.
    Im work with mc6k already almost half year, and have to say, that its great controller, BUT- i work not with standart mapping, and to do custom mapping - its not so easy and intuitive, especialy LED output, and denon dont have filter knobs, and working with samples and loops not so easy like S4 .
    And thats the reason, that now i wanna sell him and take S4 or RDJ3.

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    I've been eyeing both products as well for a future upgrade from the Hercules RMX. I'm leaning more towards the Denon MC6000 for some reason, I'm not sure whether its the look and "feel" of it, or the fact that it can act as an analogue mixer supporting cdjs/turntables without the need of a computer.

    My only worry is that the controls are too close together and the lack of intuitive use of the sample functions.

    I like the S4 but it looks too much of a toy for me and it is too big/clunky to be lugging around. I would like the MC6000 as my portable controller for gigs and an interim mixer until I have enough resources for a Xone DB2.

    Anyone else have any comments on the S4 VS the Denon MC-6000?

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    Mc6000 is a good board...has stand alone mixer capability, and CDJ/Turntable input for standalone mixing. HOWEVER the mc6000 does not support timecode.

    The Mc6000 is built like a tank. The layout is super cluttered imo. The controls are also not nearly as intutive and mapping is a bitch in Traktor.

    S4 does support timecode but cannot act as a standalone mixer which kinda sucks but if you are spinning @ a club they usually have a mixer and CDJs in case shit goes south.

    S4 has great integration with Traktor comes with a copy of TP2 so u dont need to spend the extra money.

    I currently use an S4 and love it to death. It really is an easier controller to use with the default mapping.

    My only complaint with it is that if you want to completely change the mapping on the S4 u have to enter midi mode and then ur in the same shape as the MC6k for mapping.

    You are able to change the default mapping only to a certian extent, but since the mapping is pretty spot on you shouldnt have an issue
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