V-Moda Cross Fades are 99.00 at Radio Shack
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    Default V-Moda Cross Fades are 99.00 at Radio Shack

    Hey peeps, just passing these along. I recently "misplaced" my HDJ-2000's and got a pair of V-Modas and let me tell you for 99.00 bucks these things are great. The metal contruction makes them a little stiff and the HDJ-2000's are definetly better cans, but I would say they are not worth the 150.00 - 200.00 extra .

    So for those looking at some decently priced headphones, I'd put these up against anything in the under 200.00 category.
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    thanks for letting us know!
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    I use a V-moda crossfade LP (Gunmetal Black) and they are awesome behind the decks and for everyday use. When I play live I am amazed how good they dampen the other sound, keep in mind they are not noise canceling. I only had my volume dial up to 12 o clock and everything sounded great.

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