Ecler NUO 2.0 Rotary Faders
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    Default Ecler NUO 2.0 Rotary Faders

    I have a NUO 2.0 and like the EQ and sound quality but the channel fader curve is not smooth enough for my taste. Does anyone know of an Ecler NUO mixer modded to have rotary faders?

    One crude work around is to connect the FX send to the return then set the FX sends to pre fader. With the channel faders at 0 use the FX send pots for channel level. Large Ecler EQ knobs on the pots give a nice feel. However introducing an unbalanced cable to the circuit (linking the send and return) thus creating the new "Mix Bus" must have a negative effect on sound quality. A very short high quality cable is best. This method effectively bypasses the cross fader and turns the 2.0 into a three channel rotary mixer.

    Perhaps if the line faders cannot be switched for rotaries I could make a mod adding a switch to go between standard FX send and return setup or internally connecting them.

    This NUO 4.0 mod to add an NI Audio 8 DJ is a great idea. But I doubt there is enough room inside the 2.0 to fit the board.

    Interested to hear any ideas, thoughts or experience of NUO modding!
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    Hey weiber i've got a slightly loose pot on my nuo 2.0 (the xfader curve pot). Any suggestions for how to tighten it back up? I haven't taken this thing apart yet and don't really want to unless I know what i'm looking for goin' in....

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