Numark Mixtrack + KORG NanoPAD + Traktor Pro 2
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    Default Numark Mixtrack + KORG NanoPAD + Traktor Pro 2

    So I was wondering how exactly I would go about mapping my mixtrack and the nanopad to work in traktor. I basically want the pad to control the sample decks and effects. Thanks in advance.

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    but seriously learn how to map or find one online for both your controllers that do what you want, check out the mapping section here or look on they have plenty of mappings there

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    Start by mapping the simple stuff (start by mapping play (a button) and an eq knob (a pot)) and go from there! You'll pick up more complex stuff as you map stuff. If you read any mapping guides at the moment, it will all be gobbedlygook, but once you understand the basics, the guides will make a lot more sense.

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