Problem with Akai's MPD32 midi mapping to Traktor Pro
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    Default Problem with Akai's MPD32 midi mapping to Traktor Pro

    I'm trying to map my MPD32 with Traktor Pro and having problems because Traktor doesn't support NRPN messages. I can't figure out how to map my 360 knobs (endless) for browsing through my tracks in my collection/playlist so that when I turn the knob clockwise browser goes down and turning counter-clockwise should make browser go back up.

    Now I have managed to map it only to work clockwise OR counter-clockwise (if set inverse in Traktor midi settings) but not for both ways as I ofcourse would like it to work.

    Does anyone have any suggestions how to make it work? Or how have you mapped your playlist browsing?
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    Hey just an FYI. please read the forum guidelines before posting. The controller mapings forum is for finished/in progress mappings only. For questions and advice on mappings please post in general. thanks!
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