Get the Funk Back in the Liquid - 52min of Soulful, Jazzy Liquid FUNK DnB
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    Cool Get the Funk Back in the Liquid - 52min of Soulful, Jazzy Liquid FUNK DnB

    I haven't really been jamming the soulful, jazzy drum and bass that I normally do so I hit record and played some true liquid FUNK drum and bass tunes for about an hour. I had to cleanse myself after I debased myself for the hour of Jumpup and Neurofunk mix I played at my company's party. Hope you like it. As always please give any critique as it is always considered helpful (but really outside of Citizen_Insane, Flash101UK and YoshiExcel nobody seems to comment on Drum and Bass Mixes around here, it's a crying shame if you ask me) Thanks for listening, Imagine a beach, some sunny late springtime weather and scantily clad, beautiful twenty somethings filling your field of vision...


    Midas & Obscure - Smitten - Soul Deep
    Soultec - Blues Lick - Textures Music Group
    Jammy - Love & Happiness - Soul Deep
    Toez - Silk Roller - Soul Deep
    MSDOS & DuoScience - Aliens - Intelligent Recordings
    Linyus - It All Ended - SP Breakz (What a tune!!)
    Mage - Moonshine - Bassdrive Recordings I strayed a bit to the dancefloor liquid here, sorry was just jammin
    Mutt & Dave Whalen - Sarah - Celsius Recordings
    Scott Allen - Sweet Love - Celsius Recordings
    Loz Contreras - You & I - Soul Deep
    Redeyes - Blue Note - Spearhead <<<Obligatory Classic Alert>>>
    Flaco - Take it Back - SP Breakz
    Akira - Day Dreaming - HE: Digital
    Foxrox - Can't Live Without You - Audio Danger Records
    Mayforms - With You - SP Breakz
    Kator - Ebula - Liquid Drumz
    Scientist & Ji Ben Gong - Big Life - Liquid Brilliants Terrible Mix I know, I wasn't paying very good attention
    MSDOS - Broken Arrow - Textures Music Group
    My Soundcloud: Bigheadmike

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    Really nice mix man! Lots of decent chilled tunes and quite a few Ive never heard before. Especially like the track 29 mins in with the mentasm hoover samples & piano. Mixing is really tight and fluid throughout, with a tiny exception to the track near the end which has noticably higher levels than the track its mixed into. Well done- looking forward to hearing more mixes from yourself. Cheers, John.

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    Downloading this now. preview sounding good.

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    I really digged this mix, nice work. Loved the tracks, great flow.
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    Loving this, just cruising the web with this in the background, forgetting whats playing cos the flow is soooooo smooth.
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