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    Default Custom Controller Blueprint

    This is the design for the controller Im looking to build. To use in Ableton Live.

    4x4 arcade buttons (clip launching)
    4 faders (channel volume)
    4 momentary buttons under faders (stop clip)
    12 knobs (effect racks)
    1 joystick (redbox control)

    My only issues right now is what brain to use debating between the Livid Brain and the Midi Fighter. Any suggestions on what brain to use and improvements on the design?

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    16 knobs my bad

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    Livid Brain will be expensive and Midifighter will need some MUX know-how... seems like quite a lot of expense/work when you could just get a couple of Highly Liquid CPU's instead

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    The Highly Liquid is intriguing but I'm looking for something that is bus powered.

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    My problem with the Livid brain is the price, my problem with the Midi Fighter is having to use MUX's. If I use a MUX will there be the possibility of triggering multiple midi notes by moving lets say a single fader?

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    What about the Adruino Mega?

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