Matthew Santoro's setup
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    Cool Matthew Santoro's setup

    Hey check out my setup djtt ..

    17 inch macbook pro running ableton live (for production and djing)
    Xone 4d.
    Ipad 2 running touch osc
    novation launchpad for launching clips as well as running monome type drum sequencer
    Axiom 25 midi keyboard
    Behringer ms16 studio monitors.

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    Need comments and views ppl (I know kinda lame)

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    Nice Setup man!!!!! what template do u use for touch osc????
    MBP 13' 256 SSD 8Gb RAM. Traktor Scratch Pro 2.6.8 | MF Classic | NI Audio 2 | NI Audio 10 | CDJ1000MK3 (2) | Technics 1200MKII (4) | A&H Xone 92 (UK) | NI Kontrol F1 | Ipad 4 | Korg Kaoss Pad Mini | Ableton Live Suite.

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    Spend $4500+ on DJ and computer gear but wont spend more then $75 on speakers ಠ_ಠ
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    @ Eataskdotcom, I live in a two bedroom apartment in San Francisco son, i'm not trying to get evicted lol by pissing my neighbors off . Those are plenty powerful for my living situation. @MyAybar Thanks buddy, I use LiveControl, basically gives me full power to control ableton. But I usually just use it for effects, use the launchpad to launch most clips and to have the drum sequencer.

    Peep my beats at

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    Ah, but good quality speakers does not mean louder speakers.

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    Behringer is actually a great company. Those speakers are actually not bad! Thanks for checking the setup

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