Traktor S4 vs DN-MC6000
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    Default Traktor S4 vs DN-MC6000

    I'm stuck between these two for a few reasons.. Is the video input on the Denon necessary? Do all djs stick to one program, if so, being that i'm somewhat of a beginner, is it bad to limit myself to one dj software by going with the S4? Is the looping, fx functionality, and job wheels of the S4 THAT much better? Is the S4 worth the pricetag???

    any feedback would be great. Thanks

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    The s4 includes the full traktor pro 2 software which I think you should put into consideration, depending on which software route you are going for really

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    if you can try them both out that would be best. Personally I would pick the Denon for its better sound quality and flexibility, but the S4 is an amazing piece of kit and if you're committed to Traktor it's probably a better way to go as it's perfectly integrated. The Denon also functions as a real mixer though, which is nice, and it has some really cool options like a separately addressable booth out (so you can play a CD in one room while you mix for another room or something). It's much more flexible. But if you want to use timecode you will need to add an NI soundcard.
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