any advice for 3/4 channel mixers pls
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    Default any advice for 3/4 channel mixers pls

    hey all,

    seeing as i live miles from any decent store to try some out wanted to ask some advice on here...i'm just starting out on traktor and realising i'll need a 3 or 4 channel mixer soon to really get the most out of the sample decks etc.

    i've always been strictly into battle mixers only (2 channels) as i always wanted a great scratch mixer, and i've been really happy with my pioneer djm 909 (even like the fader for scratching) so I really haven't been following the latest mixers for ages...would really appreciate some tips for a 3 or 4 channel mixer great for traktor and with a good fader for scratching?

    From what i've seen on manufacturers sites i'm looking at either a rane or pioneer but they're not cheap! wanted the opinions of people who actually use (and scratch with them)

    much appreciated!

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    i would take an xone42

    has 4 channels + analogue filter and the price is not too heavy. (when i count in what quality i get from other companys for the same money, it will blast them all ;D)

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    thanks for the suggestion racoon!

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    I'd seriously recommend you check out the Denon DNX 1600!

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    Rane Empath is a real nice mixer. Even better with the rotary kit...My friend has one and the build is real solid.
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