I DJ regulary at clubs and I am soon to invest in a nice pair of in-ear monitors for a more detailed monitoring environment, the main problem i have mixing in clubs is obviously the unpredictable monitoring situation inside the booth but also hearing the bass properly when using my headphones. With the noise from the booth monitor and overall ambient noise smothering it, I cannot make accurate decisions on what I want my mix to be If i don't know the bass (groove) will fit.

I will be getting some in-ears that will reduce levels by -26dB.
The two models I have decided between are JH13 and JH16 IEM's.
The difference between these two models is the extra bass (in the JH16's), but the main question I want to ask is:

Would the JH13's provide enough bass to monitor at resonable levels without the need to increase volume?

Has anyone had any experience with in-ear monitors in loud club environments, is it easy to hear the bass when there is a -26dB reduction?

The last thing i want to do is purchase the 13's, and have the same problem as before, where I was turning my headphones up to undesirable levels to monitor the bass.

Any advice appreciated!