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    So I'm on the brink of buying a new controller, after weeks of scourging the net, specifically DJTT, i've narrowed it down to two. I've read the few threads on them, but I want a bit more information and discussion about it. I'm choosing between a Twitch or an S2 for my setup. For some context, I'm going to be playing EDM using it in conjunction with my iPad and Lemur to control Resolume Avenue and vj clips in my set. No matter what controller I get I want to use Traktor with it. Since I'm also vjing in my set, I'm not trying to do all sorts of effects and glitchy noises and such, I really want to get smooth transitions and keep everything flowing.

    Now the reason I like the Twitch is for the 8 pads at the bottom. I'm going to be attempting to remap it for Traktor after seeing countless people say how poorly the stock Traktor map is. I know I probably can't get the slice function in, but I don't really mind. I want to get control of the sample decks using this however. I was also wondering if it would be possible to map shift + one of the performance mode buttons to get another layer of controls for the 8 pads? That way you could have 8 layers total per deck.. I wouldn't even know what to use them all for. I've read the problems with the low outputs but I don't really mind because you can raise up the gain and since I'm using Traktor I can use an external sound card.

    On the other hand, I've been eying the Kontrol S2. The unit looks really nice and beautiful looking. I don't really care for the jogs, but it's cool to be able to use JogFX but I don't really see myself scratching at all. I don't like how Native Instruments took off a lot of the S4 functions to lean the consumer toward buying an S4 instead.. Which kinda sucks because I don't want an S4 but I want the functions. I also don't like how a whole row of buttons is missing, so you have to use 4 buttons for cues 1-8 and the sample deck, whereas on the Twitch there is 8. I've read someones review for an S4 where he said he had it for 6 months and the efx button was breaking, his headphones could only monitor the left pan, and some other things I can't remember. It sounds like the plastic build quality is not that great.. Although the Twitch is also primarily plastic. The S2 is mapped 1-1 seamlessly with Traktor however, and is a great factor in my opinion as it should be easy to do basic mixes with.

    Sorry I made that really long. If any of you actually read that and has some insight on what I should get, please comment. Going back over this I can tell I'm kind of biased toward the Twitch, so I may be leaning more toward it.
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    i wanna do more of a controllerism approach so i was looking at a midi fighter pro and a kontrol f1 if your not interested with scratching and are looking for mor buttons this might bee more to your liking. sorry if im no help i dont really know a whole awful lot

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    I couldn't use a Twitch, even SMALL jogwheels is a dealbreaker for me; no jogwheels would be impossible. On the other hand, I had to use an S4 the other day, and I just couldn't do it... it feels like the controller is upside down; jogwheels belong at the bottom of the controller, not at the top :P

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