Put together another dnb mix about a week ago. This is definitely the best mix I've done so far as I've spent a decent amount of time practicing. Utilized the EQs and filters much more this time, as opposed to primarily just doing a bass swap. Had one little hiccup where I started to bring in a track one bar late, but I think I handled it fairly well. I won't mention where, as I want to see if anyone else notices.

Any feedback is more than welcome. I'd definitely like to start experimenting with different ways of mixing tracks. I'm hopefully switching to a strictly vinyl setup fairly soon (not for any practical reasons, just because I want to), so I'm trying to learn more techniques that can be utilized with just 2 turntables and a mixer.

Xiphactinus (Lenzman Remix) - Heavy1
Hubble (Original Mix) - Basher
All of My Love (Original Mix) - LSB
Mesmerized (Original Mix) - Lenzman
Ritual (Original Mix) - J Majik & Wickaman
Save Yourself (Ray Keith Remix) - Hiatus
Clap Ya Hands (Original Mix) - Sato
Shakedown (Original Mix) - Dub Phizix
Lunar Bass (Commix Remix) - Origin Unknown
Broken Dreams (Original Mix) - Lenzman
Starkwood (Original Mix) - ASC
BTKRSH (Original Mix) - Rockwell
Infusion (Original Mix) - Black Sun Empire & Noisia
Rat Race (Original Mix) - Phace & Rockwell
Focus (Original Mix) - Rido
DJ Friendly Unit Shifter (Original Mix) - Rockwell
Lo Walk (Original Mix) - Need For Mirrors
Lasers (Original Mix) - Lenzman
Belleview (Dbridge Belle-Reviewed Remix) - Commix
Ultra Clean (Original Mix) - Commix & Icicle
Framework (Original Mix) - Break
Temper (Original Mix) - Breakage
Your Time Will Come (Original Mix) - Break & Survival
Coast 2 Coast (Original Mix) - Dom & Roland
Diamonds (Original Mix) - Lenzman
Garden (Calibre Remix) - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs