I have the VCI-100 now, updated with the 1.4 version firmware (using it with NI A2DJ). I don't like the hardware modifiers, asymmetrical layout is okay but messy for me, pitchfaders are short for my taste, jogs are a bit too light and it's the only one out of the three I have to use with an external sound interface. Also, you know, i got a bit bored with it..

The Numark N4 should be out soon, it has a lot of mappable controls, full 4 channels, a built in sound interface with inputs, comes with Serato Intro, long pitch faders and jogs that fit me well (if they are like the ones on the Mixtrack).. thing I absolutely hate about it is the number of colors lighting up on that thing, makes it look like a toy a bit. Currently my number one of these three.

Aaaand the Traktor S2.. it is a bit limiting and all but is it worth it (and the big price) because of the NHL? I mean the S2+X1 combo is a great setup I would plan if I got the S2 but again, is it worth it? It's definitely the last on this list for me but my mind can be changed..

So, which one do you think would be the best out of these three? Keep the VCI or get one of the two new ones?
*a little about me, I'm mostly working in bars and clubs, spinning different genres of house music. I can work with both 4 and 2+2 decks setup (using only Traktor but the Serato intro would be cool), size and portability is a moderate issue for me since I travel quite a lot..

Thank you in advance for the opinions