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    So just wondering if anyone is using this with ableton.

    I bought it a while ago but never had the chance to really figure it out.

    I use it with a DN SC2000 Cause it does support midi jog wheels.

    I know there is a few of us who DJ in ableton. But like I am curious how you guys set up your sets. I just break the songs down into two channels and cross fade inbetween the channels. But like I want to start using Ms pinky midi to be able to loop.

    Also anyone know how to do a roll like in serato
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    Setup: VAI-40, Nanokey2, APC20, Ableton, (Shit ton of VST), TP2, DN SC2000, LPD8 (RIP) MF3D (with custom Mapping FX for ableton for Turnado and Artillary2 (ill release it when its been perfected.) PM me if interested in the mapping or helping me with it.

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    I'll be using it when I finally buy some tables and M4L. Looks like it'll be a while but when the timing is right i'll be writing a full review as there isn't a whole lot of detailed info out there.

    P.S: I tried to join their forum to get some questioned answered but had never received a confirmation email

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    Bento did an incredible m4L plugin based on mspinky.
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