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    okay so I've been looking at getting a controller of some sort and I haven't been able to fully decide whether i want to go with an s4 or an ns6. this would be my first controller, but the local high school i attend has a stellar music program and they have a Numark Mixdeck that they let me take home with me. I have done a few gigs, (nothing too big as i haven't graduated yet and I'm under age) so I'm not new to preforming or anything (i used the mixdeck that the school let me borrow) but now I'm want something for myself. I know my way around the mixdeck fairly well but I like using Traktor, and I know that the factory mapping for the ns6 is really iffy but I've heard that unique squared put out a mapping that tightened it up (a quick review on that would be nice). also i am planning on eventually getting a midi fighter so i want to know if i would have any problems with using that with an ns6. thanks for the help.

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    s4 -> traktor

    ns6 -> serato

    ive talked to ns6 owners and they love it. personally i ONLY got the s4 because i wanted to go serato and have native mapping, i dont deal with the ghetto rigged user mapping nonsense.

    youll be happy with either one if you use stock native maps. if you try to run the opposite software on either, youll be tinkering and fighting forever and honestly i wouldnt trust gigging on a piece of gear that was modded. thats just me though.
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    i tried the ns6 briefly the other day and i was really impressed by the build quality, man if only it was for traktor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJZILCH View Post
    and i was really impressed by the build quality
    The only thing I don't like are the push buttons (play/cue, hot cues etc). I got a NS7 myself, and I certainly like its buttons more than those on the NS6...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Wilde View Post
    ns6 -> serato
    not really. there's a bunch of useful NS6 traktor mappings. I used the NS6 before I got the vci400 and was really satisfied; I just like the vci400's layout better, else I wouldn't have jumped ship. both the vci400 and the NS6 beat the shit out of the S4 in my opinion; but that's just my opinion. get your own by trying them hands-on.

    edit: the buttons on the NS6 do take a while getting used to, but it's not a big deal IMO.

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