Traktor + CDJs and External Mixer - HELP PLEASE!
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    Default Traktor + CDJs and External Mixer - HELP PLEASE!


    I've been searching for a while now on how on earth do you connect a Laptop with Traktor to Cdjs/External mixer for in Clubs and whatnot???

    I use Traktor S4, and for gigs I am pretty much forced to use CDJs since that's what is universally set up and theres like no room to put anything else since its a fitted booth for Cdjs.

    Whats a way just to connect a Laptop to the mixer ??? and then use a Kontrol x1 perhaps ???

    Really need a solution for this! seen it done plenty of times but can't find a tutorial at all!


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    you need an external soundcard.

    and watch this vid for the easiest way to switch in and out. fast forward to 1.27

    you dont need to use the cdjs' if you dont want

    just plug in Audio 2-10 directly into the open channels on the mixer and use the x1 if you want.
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