Here is a mellow midtempo mix I made this morning while watching the snow fall. Just wanted to say thanks to some of the artists I have been loving this year. Hope you enjoy, feel free to give some feedback!

The Purpose Of Life - The Digital Connection
Make A Move - LoBounce
Pretty Banger - Ill-esha
Trouble Blind - Sugarpill
I Would Do Anything - Sounduo
Dirty Dollar - VibeSquaD
Fear of Heights - Lokid
Elephant Survival - Emancipator
Its All the Same - Signal Path
Sunshine Flowers and Lollipops - Heyoka
Shoop - Salt n Pepa (Motna rmx)
Vision of Happiness - GriZ
Eternal Wings - Mokhov
Slappy Cans - Opiuo + The Mollusk
Sloopy Mouth - Love and Light
Song of the Sirens - Robotic Pirate Monkey