Flattening WHITE vinyls
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    Default Flattening WHITE vinyls

    Hi guys. Here's the thing:

    I bought 2 traktor timecode vinyls. They are pretty warped. I want to flatten them.

    I watched videos like this one from qbert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfcLZRr4VDU

    The thing is: That works cause vinyl is black, but as you know, white reflects sunlight, so it doesn't get heat up as it should.

    So then, maybe I should use the oven technique, but i don't know exactly for how long and how much weight i should use. Or maybe any other technique I'm not aware of?

    How do you flatten your white vinyls, or vinyls in general?

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    I've used a glass-in-the-sun apparatus similar to the one in this video to fix a white Traktor Scratch record with no problem heating it up. Go for it.

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    When I get a warped record i just break out the iron and ironing bored, put it on high steam and after a few min its right as rain. Just don't pick it up too quickly as it usually comes out pretty hot.

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