Novation Impulse 49 + Automap 4.2
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    Default Novation Impulse 49 + Automap 4.2

    Hi guys,

    I got the new Impulse 49 controller yesterday and installed automap 4.2 as per the instructions.

    Now automap is not working right and I cant work it out.

    The automap server wont let me edit any of the templates of open the editor GUI.

    When i put a plugin on a channel the editor shows the plugin but then gives me a message that its controller by live and i have to edit it in Live.

    Automap also asks me for my password every time it is opened.

    Im hoping some of you guys might have an idea?

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    Hi Chris,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with Automap.

    Please could you pm me your email address so that I can look into these issues for you?

    Many thanks,
    Alex Lucas

    Novation Technical Support

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    You should have everything plugged in to the computer before you open anything programs.

    Than you should open up automap.

    And then you should open up the program you wish to use it in.

    And when your finished completely close everything for the next time you use it.

    When I use automap with my novation midi controller thats the only way it will work correctly.
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    Thanks Ryan,

    I have tried so many ways to get this working to no joy.

    I wil try your method again Incase I missed something though.


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