i've been brainstorming for quite a while now of how to get my DigitalJockey2 And My Lpd8 to play sample decks to finally make my smooth transfer to traktor 2. and I think I've come up with the idea, i've yet to have implemented it and i wanted to share my thoughts on it and ask you professional midi mappers about your opppinion weather this is possible or not:

the priniciple of the pads is that the Lower function pads act like shift keys, you should press the function key from the bottom row with the slot you want it to effect on the top row. (example: press:mute\unmute + Slot 3 will mute on unmute that slot)
the knobs control volume and filter
and the bottom right pad is supposed to be allow you to devide the sample length if moving the correspinding filter knob when the pad is pressed

what do you think, is it good? is it possible?
waiting for your thoughts on it.