Great retrospective article by Skratchworx
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    Default Great retrospective article by Skratchworx

    Gizmo over at Skratchworx just wrote a beautiful piece which I think is spot on. It talks about the current DJ times and a lot of the trends we've seen this past year in the DJ community.

    The last paragraph even touches on our incessant RGAS (rapid gear acquisition syndrome) disease which even I am victim of.

    He talks about 2 vs 4 deck controllers and how for some reason the industry created this notion that we "need" 4 decks and slowly many of us with 4 decks realized that we really only need 2 decks (I, myself just sold my 4 chan Xone DX for the 2 chan VCI-300).

    I think many of us need to take a second to reflect on what we have and put our energies back into the music, not on the latest and greatest controller.

    Thanks for the post Giz, and happy new year everyone!

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    Gizmo is spot on... he's got a solid background with traditional dj'ing but he is also open to the new directions things are going in.

    That being said, he see's past all the hype and does not buy into the gimmicks.

    I check his site every day and love to see him post up on various forums... always insightful dude.

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    +1, nice article.

    As I also reacted on the Skratchworx website, I feel the same about the hardware thing. Those gazillion options are nice and all, but I'm not going to buy a new controller every single time. I really do miss things on my current controller (NS7), but I haven't found any controller yet of which I have the feeling it will do the job better.
    I like more features, but I like more fun more. But that's a factor that is often overlooked by the madness to get as many features as possible into a piece of hardware.

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    Just saw this thread. Thanks for the love guys. Skratchworx is about all styles of DJing so don't be afraid to stop by.

    - The very best DJ gear news, reviews and opinion

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    ^ great site
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