[Funky Dubstep/DNB] Oregano - have a listen :)
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    Default [Funky Dubstep/DNB] Oregano - have a listen :)

    I am very interested to see what people think to my latest track! Any comments, criticisms, advice, general thought or whatever are greatly appreciated!

    I will definitely check out your track in return


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    wow. sounds like a professional production to me. i love the funky sample, the intro/whole first part. nice mash of genres. sound is very fine to me too. did you mix it down yourself?

    i dont like transition tracks too much because of the huge change in energy but the dnb part sounds very unique and good too.

    amazing track overall. would love to get ahold of a 320.

    if you like to check out my latest track; it's in my signature.
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    Thanks man! Yeah i did all the mixing and mastering. Something i wasn't so sure about was my snare, i've always used Addictive Drums for a more real-sounding kit but this is the first time i've used sampled drums.

    I wasn't sure about the dnb part either at first but i thought the track might get a little boring without any change of pace or anything.

    So anyway i left a reply in your thread. Thanks for the comments!

    320 download link is in the video description: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLx5Mbt01wI

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