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    Hey mates,

    I'm quite new in this forum, but love it so much. I need some DJ's help. I explain:

    I'm doing a quite important project for Baccalaureate, the mark will decide if i go or not to university so it's important for me. My project is: ' Creation of my own record label'. I've done all the theoric work, so it's done. But now i need to do the funny part, the practic one:

    Would you mind participating in my 'imaginary record label' ? it's going to be really important for my mar, imagine. a guy with just 16 years old who has interconected various djs around the world, my label just do that:
    - find artists
    - promote
    -dirtribute their sets and music
    - does the legal (copyright or copyleft)
    -organise sets gigs

    i'm owning a web, it's that:

    would you like to participate? we can do a video of various of us djing, don't you think. i wanna change the first video for another one, but i do not really have movie maker knowleadge. if anyone wants to cooperate with me?????

    i also wanna know if you want to participate, so we can make a profile with your characteristics and all of that, and send me a link of ya session or video youtube, and will be showed here in Barcelona.

    What do you think? do you have any great idea of what else i can do? something special? hope you help me guys, )))))

    all styles will be accepted ))

    Manufactured Jesus, Barcelona (Spain)

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    i appreciate your effort and your dedication but i would just use tools which actually exists and have already built a community around the tool, like soundcloud, mixcrate and things like this.

    to learn from scratch how to create a good website with all the content and network features you want could be kinda time-consuming for a DJ who just want "use the website for another purpose" as for the learning of how to make one ^^

    if you still want a own domain and a own community-island then i would suggest to find a good webmaster who do the pro-work and you have much free time to act as an content-generator/author of websiteCONTENT ;o)

    PS: i am also actually working on the website of my psytrance dj/liveartist project and i decided to leave the most of the content in communitys like facebook and soundcloud in the first place.

    if i have ever enough time to code an own site which covers all the functions the other ones cover today (like soundcloud) then i will consider to switch all the content presentation to my own site only, but until this time it will be better to push our things in the existing spaces.

    if you are interested how our site looks atm, its here:
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    want djs, controllerists help me.
    Racoon i've sent you a private message,

    It's all about coperating with me guys, helping me to enter university.

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