Controller for a beginner?
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    Default Controller for a beginner?

    I know you guys probably get these all the time but i just needed some help
    I'm thinking of getting into DJing and from what i've "heard" (correct me if i'm wrong) The way to go is digital now? I want to start by playing at house's and bedroom mixing and hopefully progressing to the big stage. (through ALOT of effort i know :P) Anyway the two controllers i'm stuck between are

    I'm leaning towards the S2 cause of the free software but your opinions would be most welcome on them or even some suggestions

    Not sure if it helps but I'd play alot of mixed music (dubstep,house,electronic) etc :P but anyway cheers in advance

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    what style of mixing are you looking to do, i use a MPD32 and ableton i do some what of a standard mixing style with live remixing. if you are looking to beatmash i would say go with the S2 just because its something that you can grow with and it comes with Traktor if your looking to cue juggle or do live remixes you should look into the midi fighter and a mixer or a pad controller.

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    the main reasons I picked the S2 over other controllers.

    1. Hardware/Software integration (Hi res jog wheels)
    2. Quality built in soundcard (with balanced output)
    3. Simple layout/size
    4. Ships with a full version TP2 (if you already own a copy, you can sell the serial)

    But ultimately it comes down to your mixing style. If your looking for a traditional A/B mixing controller with sampler then I recommend the S2.
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