Scarlett 2i2 - Help!
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    Default Scarlett 2i2 - Help!

    So I just got the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to record for production, but also to DJ. Set up went fine and works within my DAW fine. Problem: loaded up Traktor and it appears I cant get the headphones out to be the cue out! So I guess the headphone output is not a separate out, and is directly linked to the two outputs on the back...

    So, in order to mix without sending the output to the crowd, I have to plug in the headphones to one output (Right), and have the main out as the other (Left). In traktor I have both in mono. Being just a bedroom DJ (starting out), does it matter if its not in stereo???

    ...Im so im about to return it!

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    Yes, it's a 2in 2 out soundcard. Unless the salesman told you it was fit for the job, the problem is on your side for not reading the spec sheet. Most of the soundcards in it's category don't need the extra output pair, you are supposed to use it to record 2 sources and either listen to that before it enters your computer or after it's processed.

    You could go mono like you say but the sound changes a lot really, not every track have the same mono compatibility. Try to return it

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