Program to make a playlist that fades songs on time?
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    Default Program to make a playlist that fades songs on time?

    What's the best option for a program if I want to create a playlist that will fade songs in and out, but on tempo so the beats line up with each other?(assuming they have the same tempo obviously)

    Garageband comes to mind, where the tracks can easily be viewed and lined up with each other quickly after listening. I have Windows however, not a Mac.

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    Probably this

    just click automix
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    you can put traktor on cruise control... But it doesn't automatically sync them i dont think... Although there might be a setting for it somewhere perhaps.
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    You actually could do this in Traktor if you activate Cruise Control and Fade In/Fade Out markers and put both decks on SYNC. BUT you would have to take some considerable time placing the Fade In/Fade Out markers at the exact right location to time the mixes out right.

    Also, all your songs would have to be almost the same tempo, or you would have to gradually shift the BPM while the mix is playing. All in all, a lot of work. Might be easier just to pre-record a mix.

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    mixmiester, if you want to do the sequencing, vdj for just one button press, but its noticably a computer mixing, If your serious I don't recommend it
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    Virtual DJ does exactly that and for the basic version its free!

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