Mapping Xone 4d with Traktor pro 2
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    Default Mapping Xone 4d with Traktor pro 2

    Hey i've been creating my own midi map for my allen and heath xone 4d in traktor pro 2 and all is nearly finished apart from a couple of, very similar, problems i have encountered:

    1. when attempting to map the rotary knob to the right of each jog wheel as my tempo fader, using the 'learn' function in traktor, with it set to relative. But when i twist the knob, the fader in traktor jumps around like it wants to snap back to the middle, i have tryed adjusting the resistance etc with no luck.

    2. when trying to map the jog wheels as tempo bend and scratch, a similar problem occurs, but it seems to want to stick to the beat indicators.

    I have everything else mapped perfectly and this is very frustrating as these are two crucial elements that allow me to beat match, so as of yet, i am unable to use my new toy :/

    any help or guidance will be very much appreciated.

    Cheers, Bill

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    I have a xone 1d which is the same as the midi section of the xone 4d . Try to boot it in Traktor mode , maybe your in ableton mode . Maybe you have to adjust the sensitivity of your mapped encoder.
    For the jogwheels it should be easy . Add - jog scratch + tempo bend , map the command to your jogs , select encoder , then relative . You can adjust the sensitivity and acceleration of your jogs too . It should be easy to map , if there is anything tomorrow i'll try with my xone 1d to try and help further more .

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    hey sorry i haven't posted back sooner, first week back in work and all that... how would i find out whether i am in traktor or ableton mode?? with regards to the jog wheels, this is what i am trying to do but, like the tempo fader they don't move freely and constantly want to snap back to the point where they started.

    thanks again!

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    Did you update to the latest Xone 4D firmware and Audio Drivers ???

    You can watch this video and will explain how to know which mode you are on.

    You should totally share the mapper you are working on buddy, i know i could use a hand.

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