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    I have been building anew DJ/Production desk and had a quick question about Power Conditioners and similar items.

    I have already purchased a Furman Power Conditioner.

    I know at some point I'm going to need more outlets.
    If I had D10 PFP Power Distributor plugged into the Power Condtioner would that essentially make the Distributor act like a Conditioner?? I'm not sure exactly it all works and was wondering if anyone had any insight?
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    The power distrubitor will not act like a conditioner but the conditioner should be able to condition whatever is plugged into it. You may want to call and ask the manufacturer to make sure. I am suprised that you would need more than 9 plugs at one time, but if that's what you need check and make sure. I would just make sure that The conditioner is plugged into the main power source and the power supply into the conditioner.
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