Hi folks, i have a question:
How looks your creation process when you bring a new set/mix into existence?

For me, it looks like:
I listen to music i don't know until now, recognize a track that i like and think that the production and composition quality is good enough to put it in a mix, i put this track into my monthly selection folder.

Out of this monthly selection of set-worthy tracks i try to put tracks together which are fitting in style together in another new folder, which becomes the set in the future. (maybe ;D)

The other way:
If someone offers me a gig i acceppt, i think about how it will be there, which people are coming and so on, and try to create a set which fits as best into this expectations plus 2 or 3 alternative routes, which tends to become at least the double or triple of the work-amount but i like to do this so i can feel safe and have enough options to react at the floor.

And you?