Companies that build custom midi controllers
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    Default Companies that build custom midi controllers

    Hey all,

    I was directed to this section. I dont know the first thing about custom DIY controllers but from doing a little bit of searching it looks like a lot of people know a lot about it. I'm sure there is a thread about companies that custom build controllers but I couldnt find any.

    Does anyone know of any companies that do custom controllers?


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    Livid instruments sells the brains and everything to do custom controllers.. I've heard there quality for DIY'ers is better then say the arduinome parts, but that's just what I have read.. I have first hand experience with the controllers they make and can attest to the quality of the product..

    I might be a little biased in supporting other Texans, but that aside they are a great, small company to do business with IMO..
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    This is complete and utter self-promotion, so I'll try not to post too much on this thread.

    I do this, and I also have a post where I lay out all the companies I've found that do this as well.

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