SL4 Mapping for midifighter
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    Question SL4 Mapping for midifighter

    is there any way to map a midifighter classic to control all 4 decks in SL4 or also allow the MFC to control serato effects? if anyone could help with the mapping or has one it would be greatly appreciated....I probably should have gotten the super knob...

    oh i just got dicers for my vinyls, how do i set those up?

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    Dicers are plug & play...
    Remember to ALWAYS keep the link cable connected when plugging/unplugging the USB.
    You also might wanna check out the dicetools if you're on OSX. Very nice add on indeed

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    Default dicers

    i thought they were plug and play but for some reason its not working that way ive folled the directions word for word on the getting started guide and on the dicetool program which tells me they cant find the dicers on my comp. this is starting to become really frustrating for something that was supposed to be so easy... could it have something to do with the fact that i have a midi fighter as well?

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    I don't have the midifighter, but I have used both the dicers and other midi controllers at the same time. Does the midifighter come with any special drivers? Are you on PC or Mac? Have you tried to disconnect the midifighter to see if the dicers will connect at all? If they don't connect at all, I would suspect there is some hardware failure...
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