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    As my setup/sudio has expanded I have started to develop the need for a line mixer. The problem is I don't really know anything about them. There seem to be a whole lot of choices out there and i don't really know where to start. All im looking for is something that will let me run multiple sources to my speakers at the same time. I would like something with decent sound quality, or more importantly I would like to know how much do I need to spend to get good to decent sound quality. What are some brands or models I should look at?

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    What kind of a budget are you talking about and do you want a mixer or a monitor controller?

    The Behringer Xenyx series is "not crap." In that price range, I can't hear a difference until something is clipping or broken.
    A&H Zed is a bit less noisy and has preamps that are usable.
    And if you have a ridiculous budget, Midas, A&H, Soundcraft, Avid, SSL, and Neve all make mixers appropriate to that up to whatever you want to spend. So do a lot of other people. Any live sound or recording console can do what you want (as long as it actually processes audio and isn't just a controller).

    And depending on the rest of your gear and how many sources you're using, something like the Mackie Big Knob or Presonus Monitor Station (or Central Station) might work at least as well.

    I use a Behringer Xenyx in my room and will eventually upgrade to a Central Station if that means anything.

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