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    Default early 90's

    The time when there was no Digital DJ'ing, when was no CDJ's, but was only Turntables with vinyl and tapes.

    I'm also from Latvia, that's why i share with you this great video

    Enjoy these 7min.


    Meybe someone here was also playing with tapes or TT's @ early 90's, and can share his memories of those times
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    Turntables of course..........no cdj's but there were cd players!

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    That's pretty cool that they were essentially scratching with tapes. Do you have any more videos of people doing this? That brings back memories from back in the 90's when me and my friends as teens would record small samples from icp albums and other cds and make them say funny things. Kinda like what Dummy does here. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_u...?v=Y05CRleAWKU
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    <--- was mixing during 1990s - Present. What I miss from those days is going to a record store and spending the day or two listening to new music. Every tuesdays that's when music was droped to the stores. I would shop at Record Reaction in Long Beach, then a bus ride to Melrose to hit up. DMC Records, Beat Non Stop, and 3 more stores located in the area.

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    I started in 1990 and DJing back then was far more exciting that today (IHMO) because DJs were more interested in skill rather than buttons. DJs also learned to beat match the proper way by ear and do remixes on the fly using vinyl and sampler effects only. It was also fun to mix using 3 decks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicadraus View Post
    It was also fun to mix using 3 decks.
    Its still fun using 3 decks! I started djing in the late 90s as well. I miss the days of skipping school to be one of the first people to get promos and releases. I also miss going to MARS music(before Guitar Center) and hanging out in the dj section. LOL I really do think that me and a few other djs were the reason behind them going out of business. The discounts we'd get there were ridiculous!

    I find it funny now that so many people are using a DVS for gigs. I remember when Final Scratch first came out, my friend and I got sooooooooo much hate for using that instead of vinyl. Hey the thing paid of itself 3 gigs later. We were spending about $4-500 on cutting tunes a month.

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