I've been using MIDI controllers forever but I just got Traktor Scratch because I wanted to learn to actually scratch over the next couple years. You know, try something totally new and maybe in the future integrate it into my setup that I use when I play out (VCI-100 + Trigger Finger in Traktor 3.3).

So I got Scratch up and running on my two t.80s which I bought about 2 years ago for CHEAP and wow, is it ever easy. I didn't think vinyl would be THIS easy, I always thought it was sort of hard to mix on? Just the fact that you can nudge the track so precisely means your pitch fader can be quite a ways off and no one will ever know as long as you can babysit the track.

At the same time I miss all the cool stuff I do with my MIDI setup with four decks etc etc. I totally understand why vinyl DJs love what they do, but at the end of the day I would still prefer my MIDI setup when playing for crowds. But at home, the vinyl's taking me over!